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People has been the executive recruitment innovator since our first day in business. Our approach is based on the art and science of recruiting. Our professionals conduct mid and senior-level executive searches for clients throughout the United States, and with our worldwide resources, no recruitment is too far away or too difficult.

Our executive recruitment offering is comprised of leading insurance and banking professionals who offer our clients a unique understanding of their needs. This ability that can be gleaned only from extensive training and experience, and it allows People to place executives with the ideal background, attitude and approach in the most timely and effective manner. We consider this the “art” of our approach.

Balancing Art and Science
Next comes the Science – People’s approach to evaluating top talent by seamlessly integrating candidate assessment with our years of practical experience, provides a more complete view of the candidate than is otherwise possible. Our candidate assessment and tools are proven to generate better results in identifying the right person for the position. Our methodology includes:
  • People provides a clear and common language to help clients identify desired skills and behaviors.
  • The Omnia® Selection Profile Report is a pre-employment tool to used by People to assist in making the best employee selection possible. Using this assessment tool allows us to provider a clearer picture of what the candidate’s personality is truly like.
  • The Omnia® Selection Profile Report contains a full analysis of a candidate's personality characteristics, indicating level of assertiveness, communication style, attention to detail, preferred pace and much more.
Comparing candidates’ assessment results against other indicators of success, which are customized to reflect the specific requirements of a client’s organizational culture and position gives our clients’ the confidence they need to know they candidate they are hiring is the right one.

At People, we combined the essence of the art and science of search leads to providing the best hiring decisions possible.

People®, LLC is looking for qualified candidates with Insurance and Banking experience to fill the following positions: If you meet the required qualifications and are interested, please contact People®, LLC by email. Thank you.

Additional People searches may be underway that are not promoted in the public space due to client confidentiality.
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